San Diego’s 8th Annual Rock N Roll Reunion

It all started out as a musicians’ reunion show several years ago, to benefit two little girls who lost their father at a very young age. The show brought together some musicians that hadn’t played together since the 80’s and was so popular that they decided to continue as an annual event.

Last year, we met some amazing musicians that would probably never play in public again if it were not for this event, and we also met a new band called Gunner Gunner, who blew us away with air energy and talent. This year was another success with immensely talented musicians that returned to the stage, as well as the new talent that rocked us hard.

The 2017 reunion at Brick By Brick started perfectly with a Ramones tribute band called Hey Ho Lets Go, and the rock party was on!  They were an exciting way to start the show, bringing back Punk’s heyday with the fist pumping, head banging nostalgic rock that everybody loves.

Next up, Band of the Lost, a band of experienced musicians that rocked us with their new original music that they are due to record soon.  Band leader Trent Slatton, originally from San Diego, now a real estate agent in Los Angeles, returned home to play this show and lend support for the cause and the San Diego music community.

Bam Bam took the stage to play everyone’s favorite rock & roll cover tunes from the 80’s.

The new band introduced to us this year was a young three piece hard rock group out of L.A. called Electric Hound, and Electric is right!  Slinging their long hair, jumping all over the stage and playing some of the best original rock & roll with vintage tones, they set the stage on fire.  Be sure that we will be hearing more from this killer new band.

What followed Electric Hound’s exciting set was the most powerful rock & roll jam session of the year.  There were many jaw dropping moments with amazing impromptu sets of some of San Diego’s most amazing rockers, including stand out set with the talent of Norman Leggio, John Osmon, Anthony Lococo, and the incredible, jaw-dropping powerful voice of Mercedes Scalzitti.

All should be applauded for their contributions to a great show.  Can’t wait to see what founder and organizers Anthony Carrasco will bring us next year.  Acknowledgments go to Mark Rogow and David Zippy Zimmerman for helping to make this a great show.


Here are a few selected photos from this year’s show by Eiji Fuller

Hey Ho Lets Go


Band Of The Lost


Bam Bam



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