Anthony “Fallbrook Kid” Cullins Accepted to Berklee

Talented teenager accepted into prestigious music school, mom and dad looking for scholarships.
Congratulations are indeed in order for the extremely talented young man Anthony "Fallbrook Kid" Cullins. "The Kid" has been officially accepted to Berklee College of Music. This has been a dream of his since he started on this musical journey which many of us have been privileged to witness. Unfortunately However, the much needed scholarship for tuition and expenses has not come through. Just being accepted to this prestigious school is itself quite an accomplishment for young Anthony. He has created a footprint in the San Diego music community and beyond, all while maintaining high standards in school. His parents maintain that they will continue looking for ways to fund this next venture in Anthony's career, through grants or scholarships without having to take out loans which will leave the family in debt. If anyone knows of such financial programs that might help, please contact his father Kenny Cullins. Good Luck Anthony!


Anthony “Fallbrook Kid” Cullins