Elektric Voodoo, Band of Gringos, WYO show review

SAN DIEGO (September 8) – Elektric Voodoo charged the stage and lit it up to open the show at San Diego’s Music Box on Friday night.

A newly put together San Diego band (with the chops of a well-seasoned band), Elektric Voodoo blends Latin, afrobeat, deep space blues, and psychedelic rock and roll.  The masterful artistry of this tight seven-piece group encompassed the room in perfect eargasmic balance. The crowd was fully engaged, and the energy was palpable! Scott Tournet (founding member of Grace Potter & The Nocturnals) is the driving force behind Elektric Voodoo. His creative vision, determination and musical lineage combined with contributions of the perfect assemblage of equally talented musicians, deliver a fresh, delicious, danceable beat that you’re sure not to forget. Tournet’s vocals are kleeeeen… so kleen… Let me introduce you to the whole powerful 7-piece ensemble of magical proportion; Elektric Voodoo is Scott Tournet (vocals, guitar, harmonica) ,Matt Bozzone (drums/percussion), Ty Kiernan (congas, timbales, percussion), Travis Klien (tenor sax, keyboards, percussion), Brad Nash (baritone sax, percussion), Willie Fleming (trombone, vocals, percussion), and Luke Henning (bass).

You really must to do yourself a favor and check these guys out! Although I think the biggest part of the crowd tonight was here to see the fabulous Band of Gringos. When EV’s time was up for playing, they left us all wanting for more!

Only the remarkable Band of Gringos could follow a band like Elektric Voodoo with such confidence and ease. It’s clear to see why this power trio is the pride of Ocean Beach and why they were winners of the KAABOO Contest! That’s right! They will be rocking the Tourmaline stage at KAABOO this Saturday, September 16th at 3:20 pm!  Check them out!  They are Hendrix-inspired bluesy rock and roll hipster dynamite infusion in a bottle. A rocket of excitement to experience!  Band Members, Cody Sherman (Guitar& lead vocals), Spence Noble (Drums) Kasey Dring (Bass) not only deliver a bad ass show, it’s obvious they have a blast while doing it, Creating an epic vibe that translates throughout the room! YO Boys! Don’t forget the little people!

Although WYO was the headlining band and excellent, they were up against two unbelievable forces of musical genius unforeseen.  WYO is a rock band that originated in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with lead vocalist and keyboardist Andy Sorge, and multi-instrumentalist Scott McKay Gibson.

Hard to say which of the two opening bands stole the show this night, but neither left anyone disappointed and the Music Box acoustics and accommodations were the perfect accouterment to the highest standard!

San Diego is currently turning out the best of the best artists and venue alike in my humble opinion. So, get your BOOGIE ON and come check it out! You’re gonna like it!  –Gypsy

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Photos by Eiji Fuller

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