FMW has a FUNKABULOUS line up of players, new songs, new routines and a new energy that adds fuel to the band’s fire;.
Check them out #funkbabies!

Dah boyz in dah band..
Stuart “Stu B” Thomas-Vocals, Clay “Cashmere” Watkins-Vocals, Mark “Hatchett” Hughes-Bass Rulon “Master Ru” Davis-Vocals, Gary” Tuf-Dana” Allen- Key Boards, Michael ” The Pope” Pope- Lead Guitar and Darryl ” Papa D” Marsh- Drums.


Funks Most Wanted is one of San Diego’s best Funk and R&B bands.
Bringing you old school funk This flashy eye candy and high energy ear show will get you movin and a groovin’, turnin’ it up and out. Gonna do this thang right!
Funk music is international, playing songs everyone can dance to no matter the age.. FMW prides itself on being able to take an audience down memory lane with tunes familiar to all ears.
10 dolla to holla
Get in the door, put your feet on the floor.
Wicked Harem Booking & Productions

Always a funktastic show!!!