We’ll be celebrating the birthdays of our favourite
Boogie Woogie Scorpios
Sue Palmer, Steve Wilcox & the immortal Candye Kane !

Sue, Steve and Candye played together for many years . There is music to be played and stories to be told that will take you back to the times and places.

Come and join us in a night of hoopla and falderal in honor and remembrance of these three that bring us up on our feet and put a smile on our faces.

Sue Palmer & The Motel Swing Quintet , Steve Wilcox, Deejha Marie Pope, Pete Harrison, and Sharon Shufelt will get you moving on the dance floor with their high energy and flashy boogie-woogies and swing stylings. It doesn’t matter how often you have seen her, no show is like the last. Never ceases to amaze and entertain full of surprises and always fun.

10 dolla for a Boogie Woogie holla
Get in the door put your feet on the floor
Wicked Harem Booking & Productions