The World’s First and Only Heavy Metal Mariachi Band

Taking over the world and rocking your freaking face off….oh yes, and origami!


From the embers of crushed infatuation dowsed by the music industries callous and heartless greed comes the the birth of Spice Pistols!! Spice Pistols was born of passion suppressed. 5 musicians willing to go to any lengths to achieve their dreams of huge crowds, record deals and talk show host accolades. We have found our groove. Come see our moves and listen to our interpretation of what 5 women once mastered. Butt from a mans perspective. We promise to deliver a performance that if it doesn’t change your life will at least distract you from reality for the duration of the show. We are here for you. Meet us after the show. Peace, Love and Fishnets babies.

$20 Advanced & Day of Show