The Homeless Choir Speaks


SAN DIEGO (August 17) –Voices Of Our City Choir, located on Market and 16th in downtown San Diego, has a wonderful program for the homeless on Friday’s.  We all here know and understand the power music has on our hearts souls, this organization takes that to a new level.  They open their doors to the homeless and have formed a choir that did 11 performances last year, and will be performing with this group at symphony hall with the San Diego Symphony on August 31, September 1, and September 2.  Check their website for further details.

Co-Founder Step Johnson has actually given up her chance to do a European tour to help out, and Nina Leilani Deering offers up free voice lessons for them.  Laura Vreeland and Linda Knowlton offer up their talents and services to cut hair for the homeless that want it, we all know how much better we feel when our hair gets a tune-up.  Additionally, they offer up a free lunch to 80-85 people each Friday and deliver well over 1,000 lbs of food a week to the homeless community.  They have helped transform 30 + people from homelessness, to gainfully employed.

These folks are always taking donations of all sorts from cash donations to food, to clothing, to musical instruments, not to mention time.

As I’m sitting here writing this they are absolutely killing it, and the Goosebumps are abounding on me with Lean On Me echoing through the building.  Awesome.

In short, they are doing a great thing here through music and kind hearts.

Again very much Boogie Approved. -Story by Mark Eppler

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