The Sickstring Outlaws Break Into The Movies


(August 2018) -San Diego’s own Sickstring Outlaws have broken into the movie scene with the recently released Freestyle Digital Media film titled Buckshot

Buckshot is the feature directorial debut for Joshua J Smith who also wrote the movie’s storyline about a struggling country singer from New Jersey,  who journeys to Nashville to follow in his late father’s footsteps and become a country music star.  But when his father’s checkered past derails his chances, his only job offer is to drive  Buckshot Thomas, an aging,  hard-living,  honky-tonk legend, cross-country to his final concert.  Along the way,  the two men forge a rare friendship that could change both their lives forever.

The Sickstring Outlaws’ Ron Houston is not only credited with “Original Music” (along with Cecil Allan Moore), but also landed the part of singing voice-over for the main character Buckshot Thomas played by Tim DeZarn

The soundtrack also includes two of Sickstring’s songs from the ‘Electric Moonshine’ CD (“Electric Moonshine” and “Just an Empty Bottle”).   The last song in the movie, sung by Conor Murphy’s character Charlie Stillman, is a ballad written by Houston a few years ago called “Do Outlaws Shed Tears.”  Ron said that when he sent the song to Joshua Smith as an idea for the movie, Smith was overjoyed to hear it, saying that it “was as if Ron had already read the script.”  “Do Outlaws Shed Tears” can only be heard in this movie as it has never been recorded before.

Buckshot concluded  its  2017  festival  run  with  five  awards  including Best  Feature and Best Actor (Tim  DeZarn)  at  the  Culver  City  Film  Festival, People’s  Choice  Award at  the  Rockport Film  Festival, as well as Best  Director (Joshua  J.  Smith)  and Best  Actor (Tim DeZarn) at the Marina  Del  Rey  Film  Festival and Boogie Magazine gives it “Two Thumbs Up” for its soundtrack.

Check it out today.  This dark comedy has recently been released on Amazon,  iTunes,  Google  Play, YouTube  Movies,  Cable/Satellite  On Demand and Blu-ray/DVD.