In this column, I would like to advise on how to make a better home or live video w/ your phone.

1. An effective trick to get a smoother, less harsh sound is to use a napkin & fold it four times. While setting up your desired position rest the napkin against the base of the phone covering the mic.

2. Have a solid background. Preferably a nice white wall. Some Decor can look good.

3. Turn the tone knob down a 1/3 while recording for a darker representation. Your phone mic will translate it to a sweeter tone.

4. A phone mount will make your life a hell of a lot easier. The one I use is made by StageNinja. Excellent product but expensive.

5. Suggestions 1-3 are a guideline on how to find some warm tone. Phone performance will vary. I highly advise using a good mic like an Apogee 1 or those new Zoom products seem clever and easy to use.

Happy recording everyone.

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