It’s A Happy Hippy Party
Aquarians are natural born hippies! :
Truthful, just, curious, affectionate frank, imaginative groovy individuals.
We are celebrating these free spirits and the Age of Aquarius in the style of the 60s and 70s . When free love, peace, tie dye and hippy beads were all around us. And everyone wore flowers in their hair.

Show your ID at the door and receive an wrist band.Show your wrist band to your wait server. Spend $7 bucks on a beverage or appetizer and receive your choice of 1 of the following A house Margarita, a well beverage or a 2nd appetizer as a birthday gift..
Get in the door, put your feet on the floor.
These nights are always fun . And there is the best cake.!

It’s 5 bucks man, that’s cool

Swing the night away with Mercedes Moore