Bubba The Destroyer

Bubba the Destroyer began as an improvisational studio jam between three music veterans that grew into a full-fledge, fully realized rock project. Honing their sound at local San Diego Headtrap Music Studios, Bubba McCoy (harp), Jon Bleyer (drums), and Michael Head (guitar) have been experimenting and developing a sound that is modern and unique, raw and articulate. With songs that are simple, direct, honest, and sometimes R rated, they pull from influences as wide as classic rock, jazz, dirty blues and even the DIY ethos of punk. Using both vintage and modern musical gear, BTD makes creative use of technology to mold and create inspired, sometimes improvised musical ideas.

Songs like “Chew” and “Rat City” have an almost classic rock/surf-like edge that indicates the bands west coast disposition and displays wide musicality. The slinky licks of “Hole in My Pocket” and full scale assault of “Palamino” show the band in a darker light, while the frightening “Bad Man” is a theatrical heavy rock nightmare brought to musical life

“We just want to keep the simple, old school rock tradition alive,” says guitarist Michael Head.  The band uses only the three pieces with fuzzed out octave guitar and a powerful bass drum covering the low end. Bubba’s vocals and harp have more to space to venture and explore.  The guitar has more area to breathe and the songs riffs, chord changes and song structure take full advantage of this. “We consciously wanted to have more space. We call it ‘playing naked’ and we certainly aren’t afraid to play naked.”  This is mid-era Sabbath meets exploding blues rock.

The band recently recorded a live video demo, showing the band in an upfront, intimate setting. They are also working on a new CD as they continue to develop new songs. They hope to perform live soon under the right setting, looking to bring the audience the right blend of musicianship and showmanship. 

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