Daring Greatly


Recently arrived from Canada, Daring Greatly is fronted by a powerful a three-part “blood harmony” provided by father, Dail Croome (bassist), and his sons, Patrick (acoustic guitar) and Liam Croome (keyboards).  The combination of familiar voices, each with their own unique tone and melody, create a magical vocal tapestry, like no other.  

With controlled dynamics, perfectly inserted fills and emotional turns, rhythmic drummer Brayden “Rio” Tario brings the bands rhythm section to life.  Brandon Haddow hoists the electric lead guitar and rips out killer solos, and then casually steps back, to provide soulful fills and rhythm.

The group recorded their first EP at OCL Studios in August 2014, recording their 5 original songs “My Ecstasy,” “Sometimes,” “Find Your Serenity,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” and “I Was Mistaken.”  My Ecstasy and Find Your Serenity were released as singles in October and November respectively. The 5 songs were released on iTunes as an EP-Album December 1st, 2014.  Reviews of the album were positive and solid all the way through – garnering them some attention from Nashville producers and industry people later in the winter of 2015.

On July 25, 2015 Daring Greatly hosted a sold-out farewell concert saying goodbye to the 185 in attendance at the Engineered Air Theatre in their hometown of Calgary.  The sold-out show allowed them to keep visualizing their dream of being on the road and playing their music to as many people as possible.  On that same night they released their first album self titled ‘Daring Greatly’ which included the five songs from the My Ecstasy EP, plus 6 other tracks including a cover of “Old Man” by Neil Young that the group has become locally known for.  100 of their CD’s were sold on July 25. On that same album, you will find 3 bonus tracks at the very end that are not listed which are Nashville produced renditions of “My Ecstasy,” “Find Your Serenity,” and “Don’t Let Me Down.”

The chemistry in this band is incredible. There is so much love and respect for one another.  Everyone has a genius and a passion that they bring, that everyone is contributing in such a profound way that one of them missing would change everything!  

Their shared passion for music has definitely brought them closer, but also, because they have played hockey all their lives, they know how to be part of a team, to trust each other, and that when every day isn’t their best, they need to pick each other up.

The band’s philosophy is to remain relevant, connected, and creative, to be able to continue to write and perform music that allows people to celebrate life, that challenges people to be brave enough to be free and authentic, and creates a quiet and loving revolution that creates a shift in the way people live their lives, so that there is less focus on the empty materiality, and more focus on the things that we know truly provides fulfillment, such as deep connection, freedom, and a purpose greater than oneself.

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