Lacy Younger

With looks to kill and voice to match Lacy Younger sings about life and life’s lessons.  ‘Still Wild’, the singer-songwriter’s debut CD on Big Deal/Big Pond Records is Lacy’s open rockin’ book on live, love and surviving the ride.  A Scandinavian decent born in San Diego, California, Lacy grew up with the sound of surf and The Stones.  “I was always a big Keith Richards fan, I always go for the melancholy, Comin’ Down kinda thing . . . the way he plays guitar, those dirty, hooky riffs just inspire me like crazy,” says Lacy.  “I wanted to be Mick Jagger or Paul Rogers, not Janis.”  Keith, Bonnie Rait and southern rock may have influenced Lacy but much of her natural ability came from her mother who was a gifted singer.  

“My mother had a beautiful voice and played the piano a lot when I was young.  Music was always in our house.” A powerful presence on stage, Lacy is no stranger to the spotlight.  “I started taking requests at the age of three.  My Grandma Goldie would grab me out of bed, stand me on the coffee table in my footie pajamas and insist I belt out “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” for a house for of martini clad party guests.” 

By age five she began writing songs on the piano.  “I was never a great piano player, I played by ear but I was addicted to creating early in my life,” says Lacy.  “I tried to ignore music for awhile but was always called back to it.”

“Writing and performing have always been my favorite form of self expression,” says Lacy. “I was around 15 years old walking home from the beach one day when I heard a band playing, I followed my ears to this building where I found a group of guys in their twenties, they asked if I could sing and I jumped in!  That was it, rehearsal twice a week, and singing in some of the local clubs by age 16.”  From there lacy never looked back. She moved to Los Angeles at 17 where she began singing and arranging background vocals, demos and the occasional jingle. Whatever it took to make a musical buck. Lacy forged ahead on her path paying her dues along the way and preparing herself for what lay ahead. Being a songwriter first, Nashville was a natural progression for Lacy. In the 90’s she spent time honing her craft where the ‘song is king’ and a Viking princess felt right at home. During her time in music city Lacy was offered several publishing deals but there was also interest in her as an artist. She chose to avoid tying up her songs while holding out for a record deal. The short wait paid off and she accepted an offer which called her back to Los Angeles. Soon after Lacy experienced the heartbreak of professional dreams not realized when her 1998 release was dropped. This sent her into a hiatus of sorts. But her downtime didn’t last long as soon after she returned home to San Diego and the musical landscape that shaped her childhood.

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..Lo and behold, the 13 tracks presented here come on really strong, the music rocks, the vocals fit perfectly together and it goes off really well….The songwriting and the vocal melodies are consistently very good….
Yeah Lacy,…that’s the way we like it!”

Markus Kerren, Rock Times (Germany)

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