Lindy Crandall

Lindy Crandall is a singer and songwriter based out of San Diego. She has been trained in voice and piano since childhood. Her background on stage, in both musical theatre and dance has helped her take control of an audience as a musical performer. While still in school, Lindy started journaling and writing poetry, which eventually developed into songwriting. Her influences come from a variety of genres including Jazz, Blues, Classic Rock, RnB, and 90’s Alternative. Lindy’s soulful voice and thought provoking lyrics draw listeners in, while her catchy hooks with piano driven accompaniment linger in the minds of her audience long after the show has ended.

Lindy says, “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been enthralled with music making–learning the tools, working through the creative process, and experiencing the finished product. Finding my way as a female musician is an ongoing journey. I have collaborated with some of the most talented artists and musicians in the industry and have found my own voice through years of study. Each day, I strive to create the truest sound I can. When I sing, my soul comes alive in people’s hearts and they can feel my creative passion flowing through them.”

“Hula hooping is my silent voice.”

Lindy Loo, Singer - Songwriter


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