Christine Gilardi aka ‘Mama Christy’

07 April 2016

Christine “Mama Christy” Gilardi

Christine Gilardi (aka Mama Christy) is a San Diego based rock/blues/pop original musician, singer, guitarist, composer, vocal arranger, recording artist, and audio engineer. Gilardi’s powerhouse voice has been likened to Grace Slick, Sheryl Crow, and Melissa Etheridge, and her band DarZana was compared with Tom Petty and Rush. Her original music is infused with compellingly simple spiritual messages. Her passionate performances will bring you to your feet and to tears. In the mid-1990’s, Gilardi was the director of an original music summer camp called “SD Rock Music Day Camp,” under the National Guitar Workshop. Ric Lee of the Bayou Brothers volunteered each summer, showing the kids his enormous drum kit and demonstrating his expertise. Ric was inspired by Gilardi’s rock music summer camp to create a blues music summer camp… that we now know as the “Blues in the Schools.” Mary Lewis wrote about it in Boogie Issue 4! Gilardi gained national acclaim in the 2013 Posi-Fest Awards with Honorable Mention for “I Believe in Love,” a song that she wrote for Melissa Etheridge. Gilardi’s straight-ahead rock and blues arrangements, infused with positive messages, are common threads. She is an improvisational songwriter and a featured blues jam performer at Boogie Jams, SD JammingOut at the House of Blues, and other area venues. Gilardi has built her career as a solo artist, and she loves collaborating with other artists and bands, both on stage and in the studio. Her badass backup vocals are featured on The Bones – Las Vegas album... Read More
30 March 2016

News – WGLA To Launch in San Diego

San Diego -In April 2016, San Diego blues/rock/pop musician Christine Gilardi will be kicking off a new San Diego Chapter of the Women’s Global Leadership Alliance (WGLA).  Christine is calling all women in SD (musicians, artists, healing facilitators, and independent business professionals) who would like to expand their leadership abilities to impact the local community and on an even larger scale.  “I am building the new SD WGLA chapter to be well-known for its musicians, artists, and consultants who are helping build leaders who are making a difference locally, nationally, and internationally,” says Gilardi. WGLA provides leadership, eLearning, certification, funding, collaboration, events and small group mentorship programs throughout the world. “Our Mission is to empower leadership in collaboration with accomplished women, by sharing skills and experience to inspire successful careers and lives.” LuAn Mitchell, co-founder and CEO of WGLA says,  “By developing a strong, supportive network of members and providing them with the right tools, WGLA is providing a platform for women to excel and reach their highest potential – in business, in careers, and in society.” Jayne Rios, Co-founder and COO of WGLA, adds, “Through our courses, leadership events, and access to the WGLA marketplace, we provide business development opportunities, offer creative solutions for entrepreneurs, and inspire action.” Join the Movement by visiting Christine’s Facebook


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